Time To Replace That Deep Fryer???

Everybody loves fried foods! Burger and Fries

Every restaurant, food truck, eatery, diner that we have serviced has at least one deep fryer, and that’s because people want that tasty, crispy, juicy, delicious flavor and texture that only a deep fryer can provide. Sure, there are ways to simulate fried foods, there are ways to make foods crispy and healthy, but nothing compares to the amazing wonder of a good old plate of french fries. You can bake a chicken wing, but a deep fried one will always win the taste test, and for that level of delicious, you’re gonna need a good old fashioned deep fryer.

A good quality deep fryer is, for many establishments, an essential piece of equipment in the kitchen, and it is important to keep it maintained and running properly.

RightWay can help keep your equipment running, and we can repair your equipment if needs be, but sometimes, repair is not the answer. Sometimes, it is more cost effective to replace equipment, and there are times when equipment becomes hazardous to operate. A deep fryer that has formed a leak in the vat, particularly on the welded seams can cause a dangerous grease fire that can easily turn your profitable Saturday night dinner rush into a nightmare.

In this image you can see a fryer that has been leaking from the welded seems of the burner tubes.

That means that oil is dripping around and into the burner tube, where an open flame is consistently present.

This can cause a dangerous grease fire in your kitchen and potentially set off fire suppression, which will shut your kitchen down for quite some time, while emergency crew and officials sort out the matter.



Here is the same fryer with a burner removed, so you can clearly see burned oil built up around the burner tube.

This customer was lucky and did not experience any fires, and we where able to point out the safety concern before it became a threat, not only to their business, but a safety threat to the people operating the unit.

A Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Agreement helps prevent these types of critical failures.



If you see that kind of damage, it’s time to think about replacing that fryer.

Stop use of the damaged unit and start looking for a replacement as soon as you can with a quality unit like this one, or let us come an evaluate it for you, by requesting a service call.




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